How do Wind Turbines work ?

Wind Turbines are the forerunners of clean energy. A huge amount of investment have been gone into this technology in the last decade. This articles illustrates working and design aspects of wind turbine in a detailed way.

How does a Centrifugal pump work?

Centrifugal pumps are the most preferred hydraulic pumps used in domestic and industrial world. They are used to induce flow or raise pressure of a liquid. In this article we will have a conceptual overview on working of centrifugal pumps.

Working of Francis Turbine

Francis turbines are the most preferred hydraulic turbines. They are the most reliable workhorse of hydroelectric power stations. It contributes about 60 percentage of the global hydropower capacity, mainly because it can work efficiently under a wide range of operating conditions. This article is aimed at giving a conceptual overview of working of Francis turbine.

Wind Turbine Design

Primary objective in wind turbine design is to maximize the aerodynamic efficiency, or power extracted from wind. But this objective should be met by well satisfying mechanical strength criteria and economical aspects. In this article we will see impact of number of blades, blade shape, blade length and tower height on wind turbine design.

Fundamentals of Turbomachinery

Turbomachinery devices inject life into fluids. Principles of turbomachinery form the preliminary design tools in design of them. In this article we will see how these principles are developed and how it is used in predicting performance of turbomachinery devices.

Pelton Turbine | Working & Design Aspects

Pelton turbines/wheels are suitable for power extraction, when water energy is available at high head and low flow rate. They absorb energy purely due to impulse action of water jet. In this video we will go through working principle and design aspects of Pelton turbine.

Working of Kaplan Turbine

Kaplan turbines derive motive force from pure reaction. They work efficiently when there is a huge water flow available. Working and design principles of Kaplan turbine are discussed elaborately in this article.

Centrifugal Pumps | Design Aspects

In this lecture we will learn design aspects of centrifugal pumps. More precisely we will learn how to select a centrifugal pump and motor for pumping fluid at a specified rate, for a given system.

Working of Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are most commonly used turbo machinery devices, which are used to raise pressure, or induce flow in a control volume. They are radial flow devices. Various kinds of centrifugal pumps are available in market with different construction details. But working principle behind all of them remain same. In this video we will analyze working principle of a centrifugal pump with single suction, semi open impeller.

Working Principles of a Steam Turbine

Steam turbines are heart of power plant, they are the devices which transform thermal energy in fluid to mechanical energy. In this video lecture working of steam turbine is explained in a logical manner