Mechanical Equipment Design

Mechanical Equipment Design

  1. How does a Differential work ?

  2. Differential is an integral part of all four wheelers. Differential technology was invented centuries ago and is considered to be one of the most ingenious invention human thinking has ever produced. In this video we will understand why a differential is needed in an automobile and its working in a logical manner.

  3. Working of Limited Slip Differential

  4. Limited slip differentials (LSD) are used in automobile to overcome the traction difference problem of drive wheels. A standard differential sends majority of its power to the low traction wheel, thus making making movement of the vehicle difficult. In this article working of LSD is explained in a logical manner.

  5. Fatigue Failure Analysis

  6. Even if you design mechanical components satisfying mechanical strength criteria it may fail due to a phenomenon called fatigue. Historically many design disasters have happened by neglecting effect of Fatigue.In this video lecture we will learn how to predict and quantify fatigue effect.

  7. Spur Gear Design

  8. Mechanical engineers working in transmission field would often has to decide upon kind of gears they have to use for transmitting power. Although this task has become a matter of selection of gear based on standards, it is also important to know what goes behind this. In this video tutorial you will learn how to design a pair of spur gears for mechanical strength, surface resistance and fluctuating load.

  9. Principal stress, Principal plane & Mohr's circle analysis

  10. Concepts of principal stress and plane form backbone of material stress analysis. Purpose of this video lecture is to give you a good introduction to concept of Principal stress, Principal plane and Mohr’s circle analysis.

  11. Understanding Von Mises stress

  12. Von mises stress is widely used by designers to check whether their design will withstand given load condition. In this lecture we will understand Von mises stress in a logical way.

  13. Theories of Failure

  14. Good understanding of theories of failure are imperative in design of civil structures or mechanical equipments. This lecture will give you a good introduction to theories of failure.

  15. Theory of Vibration

  16. The way material vibrates under given condition is an important aspect of design. Historically unexpected failures of bridges and chimney have happened because designers did not consider effect of vibration. In this tutorial you will understand fundamentals of vibration and will learn how to apply it in mechanical / civil design you undertake.