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Imajey Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd is a trusted partner in many of the mechanical engineering development projects. We build and analyse systems which will give reliable and physically realistic results. Our engineers who are experts in different engineering disciplines, enable us to cover almost all domains of mechanical engineering. Following are the areas we have got expertise in. You can also locate us at our Home Website.

Do you want to check in detail, whether the mechanical component designed will withstand a given operating condition ?. Using FEA analysis we will be able to predict it quite accurately. We have expertise in following FEA domains.

Computational fluid dynamics has started playing a major role in design and development of thermal and fluid flow related equipments. From geometry modeling to solution, we make sure that at each step we follow the path, which will give the most realistic result. We at Imajey give utmost importance in getting the CFD results validated. Following are the areas we offer services in CFD.

Say it a gear or a power shaft, our long expertise in this field make us ideal partner in design of power transmission and load carrying components. We will be able to transform your design requirements into a final product, by meeting following design criteria.

Our designs conform to AGMA, ACME, AFBMA & AWA standards

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