Fluid & Thermal Fundamentals

Fluid & Thermal Fundamentals

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics | RANS & FVM

  2. In this video we will learn how to solve the complex Navier-Stokes equations, within power bound of your PC. Here concepts of RANS and FVM are introduced in a logical manner.

  3. Computational Fluid Dynamics | An Introduction

  4. Computational Fluid Dynamics is a tool widely used in design and analysis of equipments related to fluid flow and heat transfer. There are wide range of commercial softwares available in market for this purpose, which are user-friendly and using this you will be able to generate lot of colourful results. But in mean time it is also important to understand what is behind this CFD packages. This lecture is for that, to give you a basic understanding on CFD.

  5. First Law of Thermodynamics for an Open System

  6. First law of thermodynamics when it is applied to an open system has got tremendous applications all across industries. In this video we will learn first law of thermodynamics in a practical way.

  7. Understanding Turbulence

  8. Most of the engineering flow problems are turbulent in nature. So knowledge in turbulence is imperative for an engineer.

  9. Understanding Second Law of Thermodynamics

  10. Second law of thermodynamics is law of nature, unarguably one of the most valuable find of mankind. But this topic is somewhat confusing for most of the students and engineers. In this video lecture we will analyse 2nd law of thermodynamics conceptually.

  11. Introduction to Heat Transfer

  12. Heat transfer is all around us, and it is one of the vital topic for those who work related to energy conversion. This introductory video is aimed at building fundamentals of your Heat Transfer strong.