Electrical Machines

  1. Brushless DC Motor

  2. In order to make the operation more reliable, more efficient, and less noisy the recent trend has been to use brushless D.C motors. They are also lighter compared to brushed motors with the same power output. This article gives an illustrative introduction on the working of BLDC motors.

  3. Working of DC Motor

  4. DC motors are used in many portable home appliances, automobiles and types of industrial equipment. In this article we will logically understand the operation and construction of a commercial DC motor.

  5. Working of Synchronous Motor

  6. Synchronous motors are widely used in industry for high precision applications. This article gives illustrative and logical explanation on its working.

  7. How does Alternator Work ?

  8. Alternators are the workhorse of the power generation industry.It is capable to generate AC power at a specified frequency. They are also referred as Synchronous generators. This article gives a detailed and illustrative introduction on working of alternators.

  9. Working of Single Phase Induction Motors

  10. Single phase induction motors require just one power phase for its operation. They are commonly used in low power rating applications, in domestic as well as industrial use. This article is aimed at giving you a conceptual overview of working of single phase motors.

  11. Working of 3 Phase Induction Motor

  12. Induction motors are most commonly used electrical machines. They are cheaper, rugged, and easier to maintain compared to other alternatives. In this video we will learn working of a 3 phase squirrel-cage induction motor.

  13. Rotating Magnetic Field & Synchronous Speed | Single Phase Motors

  14. Single phase AC motors use rotating magnetic field for its starting. The way rotating magnetic field produced in a single phase machine is quite different from that of a 3 phase machine. In this video lecture we will see how rotating magnetic field is produced in a single phase motor.

  15. Rotating Magnetic Field & Synchronous Speed | 3 Phase Motors

  16. Whether synchronous or induction, 3 phase electric machines use rotating magnetic field for its operation. In this article we will understand how rotating magnetic field is produced in a 3 phase motor. We will also come across concept of synchronous speed and number of poles on a motor.