Be Our Dubbing Partner and Earn a Regular Income

At Learn Engineering we produce English content only. It’s a fact that only 30% of the globe understand English. We would like to reach out to the remaining 70%. This scheme is for that. Please read the following sections carefully if you are interested in being an LE dubbing partner.

How it works ?

Just upload the dubbed video to your YouTube channel. The Content ID of Learn Engineering will automatically claim this video and advertisements will start appearing on the video. Please don’t go for a dispute at this time. Initially the Ad revenue of the dubbed video will go to LE’s account. At the end of every month LE will transfer 50% of this revenue to the respective video up-loader.

Rules and Regulations

Please read the following rules and regulations before starting your dubbing work

How to apply ?

If you are ready to dub our video, just email us after uploading the dubbed video along with the video url. If you have already uploaded the videos but are yet to earn any revenue, please inform me. I can bring the old dubbed uploads also under this scheme. The email address is contact@learnengineering.org .

Current Partners